Imran Khan was termed "Sadiq & Ameen" (honest and upright) by some judges who were probably themselves not so. I'm surprised why the Jamat-e-Islami has not so far objected, knowing that this term could only be applied to the most revered personality of Islam (peace be upon him). Despite IK being a proven liar, the judges continued to pretend that he was honest and upright.

Not any longer. The Election Commission today declared Imran Khan a liar, among other things. He was found guilty of concealing thirteen bank accounts in his party's name, where funds were received from many sources, including at least one Indian woman from Singapore. If this had happened in the UK, IK would have been forced to quit politics. And if it had happened in the State of Madina, IK's hands would have been cut. 

But you know what? Those who worship IK will believe it's a conspiracy by the US to malign their prophet. They will continue to say that a "little" money laundering and financial corruption is okay if it's done by Imran Khan.

Logically, the ECP should have disqualified IK permanently, as it did in the case of Faisal Vawda (who also lied about his dual nationality). Apparently the ECP has decided to let the courts decide this. Let's see if the CJP will constitute a full bench or only he and the two other tainted judges will hear the case. I hope IK is disqualified for life, I'm sick of seeing his face on TV almost every day, calling all those opposing him crooks and thieves.