Imran Khan continues to rant and bluster, which is typical behavior of those who are caught lying and stealing. Today he's asked his supporters to protest against the Chief Election Commissioner (who was appointed by Imran Khan himself). Having found that the CEC is incorruptible and will not help him rig the next elections, he knows that he is facing political extinction. And with the damning verdict against him and his party for receiving funds from prohibited sources, the apex court should have no problem disqualifying him for life (as it has done with Nawaz and Jehangir Tareen). I'm assuming that the judges will not favor him this time, if they do, how will they explain their earlier verdicts against Nawaz and Tareen?

In my opinion, a mere disqualification is not sufficient to deter this man from damaging Pakistan more than he has already done. He should be sentenced to many jail terms for violating laws openly, like in May when he caused mayhem by asking his supporters to damage property and burn trees in Islamabad. Only if this man is jailed will he be tamed. I for one will be glad not to see him being worshiped by his demented followers.