I like this about the British and the Indians. Whenever their prime ministers realize that they no longer enjoy the confidence of parliament or when they lose in elections, they resign gracefully. They don't blame external powers (like the US) and they don't formulate conspiracy theories to explain their downfall. The same was true of the US until Trump lost the election. He's still whining about the election being rigged, but slowly the public is realizing that he's an asshole. Boris Johnson, along with Trump and Imran Khan were what I call the Axis of Evil, foisted upon the earth by Satan. The trio have now been sent home, where I hope they remain till they die.

Take our former prime minister Imran Khan (who won in a massively rigged general election in 2018). He's blaming everyone for his removal. Waving a piece of paper, he claimed it was proof of the involvement of the US in his ouster. Then he blamed the army chief for not preventing the vote of confidence against him. Nowadays he's openly saying that the Chief Election Commissioner is biased and is trying to ensure that his party (PTI) loses in the bye-elections ten days from now. 

I'm sure the judges and the generals who were once sympathetic towards him now realize that he's a nincompoop and a narcissist. His tantrums remind you of a child who screams whenever he or she is not given candy.