A few years back I wrote a piece in the Tribune about the dangers of disease spreading from animal waste lying on roadsides for many days after the festival of sacrifice. Despite so many decades, the people of Pakistan haven't learned anything and continue to slaughter their animals without removing the hides and entrails that are likely to result in people being infected.

This year it's the same. Filthy rich people have to display their wealth to their relatives, so they buy very expensive cows and goats. I've often wondered what the price of meat today would have been if people  would slaughterless animals than they do. A nephew of mine kills three cows and many goats every year although he is required to sacrifice only one cow. I myself contribute a seventh of the cost of a cow to a charitable organization. The other members of my family do the same. Our people have this erroneous belief that killing more animals will make it easier for them to walk into Paradise.

I used to know a Shia family many years ago. One day I asked their little boy whether he had enjoyed sacrificing a goat or cow. He said no, that year they did not sacrifice any animal, they had sent the money to Iran where a recent earthquake had killed thousands. I think that's the correct attitude, but try saying that to a Pakistani, he will immediately kill you.