Yesterday I was invited to a dinner by a billionaire relative. Of course he didn't earn the billions himself, he inherited property worth several billions a few years ago. I normally don't go to dinners hosted or attended by illiterate Memons, but this time I was compelled to go by my wife and children (who had also been invited). 

As I foresaw, most of the guests were die-hard followers of Imran Khan, and when the dinner ended, I was convinced that not only the Dear Leader himself, those who follow him also need urgent psychiatric treatment. The hose and guests dominated the conversation, there were a few who apparently didn't worship Imran Khan, but they kept silent (except myself). Imran's lovers refused to hear anything about his corruption, saying that all the evidence against him is fabricated. When I pointed out that only two news channels (out of eleven) sing praises about him, the others telling the truth not only about him but about government leaders also, they scornfully said all journalists are paid to write against Imran Khan.

All of them apparently regard Imran Khan as a kind of prophet. A few days back, Ayaz Amir said something against Imran Khan at a seminar. The very next day he was attacked as he was leaving the news channel where he works. Obviously he was attacked by someone who thinks Imran Khan is a saint, but Imran's lovers insisted that the attack was carried out by the army. Yesterday an audio surfaced in which Imran's wife is heard asking the party's social media manipulation chief to label those who criticize her, Imran Khan and her highly corrupt friend Farah as enemies of the country. So it proves that all the party's stalwarts who rigorously defended her in the past as being just a pious housewife with no political role to play are liars. 

Pretty soon, as more evidence of Imran Khan's corruption surfaces, his supporters are bound to wonder why he should benefit and they should get nothing. They will start leaving the party, as Shah Mehmood Qureishi has already done.