Finally, it happened. Yesterday will forever be etched in the memory of the nation. Despite the Supreme Court's directive, Imran's minions did their best to prevent the No-confidence motion being put to vote. I wonder how any of Imran Khan's supporters can ever vote for him after yesterday's torture. A few minutes before midnight, when it became evident that the judges were determined to enforce the writ of the Constitution, the Speaker and his deputy resigned. Immediately, the former Speaker began the proceedings to oust Imran Khan, and in a couple of hours, the would-be Hitler found himself out of the Prime Minister's House. 

Right up to the end, he did his best to avoid being removed. He sent his ministers to the army chief, begging him for intervention. Then he demanded a safe exit for his family. One of his demands was that Shehbaz Sharif should not be made the next prime minister. He also demanded that no corruption cases should be filed against him and his family members. This is the man who promised to eliminate corruption within 90 days!

When he saw that the army chief would not help him, he made the ultimate mistake. He attempted to sack the army chief and replace him with a general (Faiz) who is his friend. Fortunately his order was not carried out. For this alone, he should be tried for treason and hanged.

The past forty four months have been a nightmare. The establishment should never again make the mistake of interfering in politics.