It's finally over. For five days, the nation had awaited with bated breath, wondering whether the Supreme Court would again give Im the Dim another chance, or whether it would bury the Doctrine of Necessity forever. It chose the latter and Imran Khan didn't know what hit him.

During the hearing, there were tense moments when the apex court mentioned the crashing rupee, the crumbling stock exchange and whether elections could be held within the stipulated ninety days. There was no need to go into all this, as it was only required to rule whether the deputy speaker had acted unlawfully when rejecting the no-confidence motion on the basis of a doctored cable from the ambassador to the US. Ordinarily the judgement should have been delivered on the first day, but I suppose judges have to consider all angles before arriving at a decision.

Followers of Im the Dim are resentful. They may even accuse the judges of being bribed by the US. What they don't realize is that Imran Khan always considered himself above the law. He thought those who got him elected through rigging would always support him. It was his own arrogance that finally caused his downfall. But I doubt if he will ever realize this.

Today, the would-be Hitler is going to address the nation for the last time (I hope). It will be interesting to hear what he says. I doubt if he will say goodbye to politics, he's tasted the fruits of power, besides enriching himself in the past forty four months.