There is absolutely no reason why any sane person should like Imran Khan. Yet overseas Pakistanis think he is a kind of messiah, someone who will magically solve Pakistan's problems and turn it into a paradise. One could understand this idolatry before he was elected in the heavily-rigged elections of 2018, but after forty four months of mis-governance, it should be clear that he was unfit for the job. Yet, we see Pakistanis in UK and USA weeping at his ouster. 

One reason could be that they do not realize the havoc he's created in the country. Like Imran Khan himself, they think all negative reports against his performance are fake. Living far away from Pakistan, they don't see the situation on the ground. In Pakistan, those who support him are the well-to-do Pakistanis, the ones who don't care whether petrol prices shoot up to Rs. 2000 per litre or whether the two thousand rupees will buy a dollar. These people don't matter, they're the ones who will vote for Imran Khan, they and a few upper middle-class misguided youth. 

Imran Khan apparently suffers from the delusion that he's very popular because of his extremely large number of followers on social media. Musharraf too thought he would win by a landslide for this reason. He got only one seat. But of course those who worship Imran Khan will never understand this.