I always knew that Imran Khan is a psycho. Now I'm convinced that all his supporters also need urgent psychiatric treatment. After what happened today (April 3, 2022), it's obvious that not only Imran, but the speaker and deputy speaker, as well as the president have violated the Constitution and should be tried for treason.

I knew of course that Imran Khan's bloated ego would drive him to do anything, even kill if necessary, to prevent him resigning. I can't understand why. Three famous figures chose to resign (there have been others but I cannot recall their names). One was Chundrigar who resigned when he saw that the majority in the assembly was against him. The other was Ayub Khan, who made a brief speech and left. The third (as recently as 2008) was Parvez Musharraf who also gracefully gave up when he saw that he would be impeached. So why should Imran Khan find it disgraceful to resign? Why destroy the peace when he could have simply left without all the shenanigans during the past week?

Now of course everyone (excluding his supporters) know that the cable (letter) from the country's ambassador to the U.S. did not mean anything. But Imran went all out and blamed the Americans for interfering in the country's affairs. No reasonable person would ever buy his preposterous claim that the opposition were paid by the Americans to file a vote of no confidence against him. Even the military establishment has maintained that there is no evidence that the Americans instigated the opposition to move the no confidence motion. Yet in the assembly today, the deputy speaker decided that the vote of no confidence was against the constitution because of American interference. In less than ten minutes he dismissed the motion, All of this says a lot about Imran's stupidity. As soon as the motion was dismissed, he came on TV to say that he had advised the President to dissolve the assemblies and order fresh elections. The President (whom I used to meet sometimes when I was in the salt business) naturally being a servant of Imran, dissolved the assemblies within an hour without following the proper procedure. I thought he at least would consider the ramifications before plunging the country into a constitutional crisis.

Earlier in the day Imran dismissed the Punjab governor for not following his illegal orders. Let me say this again: Imran Khan is a dangerous man who would not hesitate to order a nuclear attack to save himself from political defeat. That's why he should be put away in a mental asylum and kept there for the rest of his life.

The apex court is being approached to nullify today's proceedings. Let's hope they at least have the sense to declare illegal whatever happened in the assembly today.