It's an open and shut case and shouldn't have taken more than a day for the apex court to decide in the opposition's favor. Imran Khan has clearly violated the Constitution by dissolving the assemblies and getting the deputy speaker to reject the no-confidence motion against Imran. Yet it's already four days since the Supreme Court started hearings in the case. 

Almost all lawyers unanimously agree that the deputy speaker was wrong, he should have allowed the no-confidence motion. But it's now evident that the indecent haste with which he acted, everything was pre-planned. There are rumors that the Attorney General Khalid Jawed Khan held a long meeting with the CJP a couple of days before the assembly was to debate the motion. Most people are now convinced that a hybrid judgement will be delivered, forcing the opposition to accept the inevitable. If that happens, the nation will be convinced that the Establishment is still siding with Imran Khan.

One of the lawyers for the opposition (Salahuddin) startled the court by pointing out that the only time a majority's motion was overturned by a speaker was in 1933, allowing Hitler to succeed. It looks like someone who's read Mein Kampf is advising Imran Khan (I doubt if he's read the book himself).

Of all people, Amir Liaquat Hussain criticized Imran Khan for dividing the army. In fact, it's an open secret now, that Imran's friend (ex-ISI chief Faiz) wants to be the next army chief, and he was sure he would get the post, but the COAS transferred him to Peshawer. It's rumored that the outcome of the case will be determined by which faction is more powerful, Peshawer or Pindi.

Even though he's the caretaker prime minister, Imran Khan continues to indulge in political activities, using the government's facilities. the man has a contemptuous disregard for rules. He has asked the president to appoint retired CJ Gulzar as the caretaker prime minister, just to influence the judiciary. 

Let's hope this time the Supreme Court acts in the national interest and over-rules the deputy speaker, forcing Imran to resign.