In the beginning there were only thirteen dissident PTI lawmakers in the opposition's camp, which meant 175 votes against Imran Khan. As 172 votes are needed to dislodge him, he should have resigned there and then. Today, the opposition has more defectors on its side, with the total being 199 yesterday. Yet Imran Khan refuses to go away gracefully.

I cane across the following on Twitter:

"Signs that you are in a cult:
1. You think of your cult leader as the saviour
2. You think only he can fix everything
3. You think the world is conspiring against the cult
4. Your cult leader has convinced you that everyone else is a liar
5. You don't believe anything against your cult leader, even if there are serious allegations of corruption, harassment or abuse of power".

It's fairly clear that the followers of Imran Khan believe him to be a saviour. Imran Khan himself thinks his party won the massively rigged 2018 general elections. He has lost practically every bye-election after coming to power, yet his followers think he was fairly elected in 2018. And the their violent reaction when anyone says anything against their leader, it's obvious they think he's the only one who can save Pakistan.  

To save himself, he and his minions have fabricated a "letter" which he waved in public. First he said the letter was from a foreign power, now he says it's from one of our own ambassadors who said that some unnamed country is conspiring to have IK removed. IK should immediately sack whoever it was who advised him to fabricate the letter (unless of course it was his wife who told him to do so). The sycophant Faisal Vawda even hinted that the letter was a threat to assassinate Imran Khan. Today the letter may be presented in the National Assembly session being held to discuss the no-confidence motion. I doubt if anyone will believe that it is genuine.

The top army brass met IK yesterday.  IK's crony Fawad Choudhry maintains that they didn't ask him to resign, but no one believes him. Being a narcissist, Imran Khan obviously doesn't want to be the first prime minister to lose a no-confidence motion against him. It's widely believed that he has agreed to resign only if the no-confidence motion is withdrawn. But if there's one thing we've learnt in the past four years, it's that he can't be trusted. Maybe he actually believes his advisors' claims that there are many in the opposition camp who are ready to defect. 

I hope the opposition refuses to withdraw the no-confidence motion. I even hope the election commission disqualifies him for life for corruption.