The Taliban have been around for almost three decades now. During their previous rule in Afghanistan, they blew up the Bamiyan Buddha statues, killed thousands of men and women and caused the country to sink into anarchy. Now, with Pakistan's help, they're back but despite agreeing to give more rights to women and minorities, they have reneged and appear to be the same old dogmatic conservatives who think only what they believe is right.

What I can't understand is why Imran Khan is supporting them, seeing that the Taliban will never change. They have given refuge to anti-Pakistan rebels, and in fact they are actively encouraging the terrorist TTP to carry out more bomb attacks in Pakistan. They even refuse to recognize the Durand Line as the international border, in fact cutting down the fence erected by Pakistan at great cost so terrorists can easily enter Pakistan and create mayhem. Yet Imran Khan is openly supporting them, asking the West to recognize their government. It should be noted that not a single government in the world has yet recognized the Taliban as the legitimate rulers of Afghanistan. But our moronic prime minister loudly proclaims that there is no alternative to recognizing them, alienating most Afghans in the process. No wonder most Afghans hate Pakistan so much!