Imran Khan has often gone out of his way to prove he's a certified moron. In perhaps the most bizarre step he's taken, he presented awards to ten ministers who were supposed to have performed well.

The top ten did not include many that should have been on the list, like the health and environment ministers. But to the surprise of virtually no one, it was Murad Saeed who topped the list. And this added salt to the wounds of those who were not on the list. For it has been known for a long time that Imran Khan and Murad Saeed have long enjoyed what may be termed a "special relationship". Murad Saeed is perhaps the only minister who does nothing but shout abuse at Nawaz Sharif. No one knows what he did to get the top prize, including the man who decided it.

So, when in a TV program anchored by Gharida Farooqui, a passing mention was made about the allegations made by Reham Khan in her book, the government swiftly stepped in and shut her down channel (News One). Mind you, the participants were very careful, they avoided saying anything about the nature of the relationship between IK and Murad Saeed. But the way IK reacted will only add fuel to the fire. Those that were skeptical will now be convinced that Murad Saeed may have slept his way to success. 

Perhaps the greatest joke was the Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureishi reacting to not being among the top ten. If he has any self-respect, he should resign immediately, but I doubt if he will. These people are hypocrites and will do anything to remain in power. 

I have the feeling that this performance report will be the final nail in the coffin for Imran Khan. There are credible reports of his wife having left him and living alone in Lahore after she was caught selling his 200 million rupee watch (gifted to him by a prince). Now that his ministers are also angry, he may well have committed his greatest blunder.