Imran Khan's most quoted words are "I know more about.....than....". No one's asked him so far about Bhutto, but I'm sure he will say the same thing, probably "I know more about Bhutto than either Bilawal or Zardari himself". Well, he should read about how the arrogant Bhutto was deposed after he refused to see the writing on the wall. Bhutto tortured journalists and others who criticized him, displaying a blatant contempt of the law. Imran Khan is doing the same thing now. This morning, the FIA arrested Imran Khan's former friend Mohsin Baig without a warrant and whisked him away. 

And just what was Mohsin Baig's fault? He parted ways with Imran and began revealing facts about what happens in the ruling party. He was the one, for instance, who said that he used to collect funds to meet the expenses of Imran Khan's house, the salaries to servants, and even the cost of the food. It was a massive amount. The public began to see the real side of Imran Khan, and more and more of his supporters were disillusioned with him.

But Mohsin Baig's biggest crime, in Imran Khan's view is to hint about the abnormally friendly relations between Imran Khan and Murad Saeed, who was recently rated the top performer in the cabinet, to the astonishment of many who didn't even know that Murad Saeed is a minister. In a video clip that went viral, Mohsin Baig slyly referred to what Imran's ex-wife Reham Khan wrote in her book about Imran Khan's deviant sexual preferences. She named Murad Saeed and Hamza Ali Abbasi as two of his favorites. 

Now this is the kind of thing every politician has to face in his lifetime. Imran Khan should have blithely ignored it (as he has ignored the allegations about his illegitimate daughter Tyrian). Imran Khan could also have taken legal action against Mohsin Baig (and Reham Khan herself). But the way he has reacted, people are bound to wonder if there is some truth in the rumors. Foreign news agencies and ambassadors as well as Amnesty International will no doubt have noted how a respected journalist was dragged out of his home without a warrant after being beaten up. But I doubt if Imran is now worried about what people think about him. He's behaving just like Bhutto did during his last days in power. And I hope he too ends up like Bhutto.