I thought the PTI could not sink lower than it already has. It has routinely caused journalists to be "disappeared", political opponents to be harassed in fake cases and hurling abuse in public and on live shows. But now it seems that Imran Khan is so desperate that he doesn't care about his image. He has ordered that action be taken against the judge who ruled that the FIA did not act legally when they tried to arrest Mohsin Baig, the former friend of Imran Khan.

It was an open and shut case. The FIA went to arrest him without a warrant. In fact they were in plain clothes and didn't have any documents to prove that they were law enforcement agents. So, when they tried to climb the wall of the house, those inside naturally thought they were robbers. They had to defend themselves somehow, so they opened fire and a cop was injured. 

But no, Imran Khan thinks otherwise. Mind you, he's the man in a hurry, so he told the cops to simply go and arrest Mohsin, without the formality of any notice or warrant. In fact, this is what happens when journalists or other critics of the PTI are taken away from their houses and kept in confinement for months on end. So what Imran Khan did was perfectly normal for him. He keeps forgetting that there is a Constitution in the country, which he has sworn to protect and obey. 

So now every judge will be scared to give any decisions against the ruling party. Let's see if he sinks even lower in his efforts to damage the country.