Finally, Imran Khan's cronies have seen the writing on the wall, after he lost his head yesterday and warned that he would be very dangerous to those who are against him if they removed him from power.

Just see what he said: "I wish to warn you: If I am ousted from the government, I will be more dangerous for you. Right now I sit silently in my office and watch all the drama taking place. If I take to the streets, you will have no place to hide, because the people have seen your true colours."

So it's finally happening. He's telling those who helped him attain power that he can fight back if they have him removed from prime minister's house. Everyone now is convinced that the establishment is disillusioned with him and wants him to go home before he can inflict more damage to the country.

Whenever a ship starts sinking, the rats jump overboard. In Imran Khan's case it's his accountability czar, the repulsive Shehzad Mirza Akbar who turned out to be the first to resign. Soon, the others who were made advisors or ministers under pressure from those at the top will go, leaving him alone with his core party members (though I suspect most of those will also leave him soon).

I expect a palace coup, led by Parvez Khattak or Shah Mahmood Qureishi. If I were in Imran Khan's place, I would fly to London tonight.