When he was blaring false accusations against Nawaz Sharif during the 126 days on the container, he would frequently refer to Transparency International's reports about government corruption. At that time he didn't know that the same Transparency International would report that corruption has increased massively during his three and a half year reign. So now his ministers are spending time trying to prove that the report is wrong, which was only to be expected. The Information Minister Fawad Choudhri says that the report does not mention financial corruption, only the deteriorating law and order situation. He's forgotten that his government keeps on sacking and transferring senior police officers who don't do its bidding and that it is the lady in black who reportedly decides whom to appoint as Inspector Generals. So, when senior police officials are more preoccupied with when they will be sacked or where they will be transferred, how can they devote their time to improving law and order?

If there is one thing Imran Khan's government will be remembered for, it is the utter shamelessness of him and his ministers. Even though the country is headed for an economic meltdown, they keep insisting that the economy is much better now than it was when they took over the government. Probably they think most Pakistanis are morons who can be fooled all the time. I wish Imran Khan would carry out his threat of going out on the streets to prove how dangerous he will be for those who rigged the last elections so he could become prime minister. He will then find out how much the people love him!