Whenever a Pakistani government knows it can't hold out any longer, it talks of a presidential system or imposition of emergency to postpone elections. The totally incompetent government of Imran Khan is no different. Having recognized the signs (defeat in local elections as well as rebellion by members of his own party), Imran Khan knows it's only a matter of days before the public comes out on the streets and sends him home. 

I can't help comparing Imran with two other world leaders (Trump and Boris Johnson). Trump was booted out by the people in an election he considers was rigged. Boris Johnson is on the verge of resigning (and perhaps saying good bye to politics) after he and his party members were discovered holding parties while the public was told to stay at home during the lock down. So it's natural to assume that Imran (the third member of the trio) should also face an ignominious end to his career. 

There are those who think a presidential system is more suitable without knowing anything about the damage done to the country by erstwhile presidents (all of them generals). Ayub Khan, the first of the lot, made Pakistan bankrupt by making a new capital city (against the wishes of the majority Bengalis). He also sowed the seeds of the nation's breakup by handing over power to another general in violation of his own constitution because he could not bear the thought of a Bengali being president of the country. Yahya Khan presided over the disintegration of the country by not handing over power to the winner of the 1970 elections (as it would have meant rule by Bengalis). Zia destroyed the fabric of the country by his hypocritical Islamization, while Musharraf staged a coup and made billions by bending over backwards to appease the Americans.  

So it looks like Imran Khan, by wanting to be a president, wants unlimited power so he can destroy what remains of Pakistan.