On this day fifty years ago, we saw the humiliating surrender of our armed forces, only a day after the commander Niazi declared that he would fight to the death and that traitor Bhutto said that we would fight for a thousand years. But it seems our leaders have not learnt anything from the mistakes made on that day of shame. Whatever happened in East Pakistan is being repeated in Baluchistan and other parts of the country. Dissidents are being picked up and some of them are killed and their bodies dumped by the roadside. Even civilians are tried in military courts. The country is in chaos and one can't help wondering if we're going to see another partition.

Suddenly it seems that Imran Khan's government is under attack from all sides. First there was that judge claiming that he had heard the former chief justice Saqib Nisar ordering another judge to refuse bail to the ex-prime minister and his daughter. Then there was an audio clip of the ex-chief justice repeating the same thing again to another judge. The ruling PTI is trying desperately to prove that the audio clip is fabricated, but hasn't succeeded so far. And only a couple of days back, a former founder member of the ruling party claimed that Imran Khan is being supplied with funds by his cronies to meet his household expenses. The information minister says that his party will sue the ex-judge for making this claim, but I doubt if they'll do it. They'll have a hard time trying to explain how exactly does Imran Khan manage to live beyond his means, considering that he earns only Rs. 200,000 a month.

Today, the ex-FBR chief Shabbar Zaidi gave a shock to the nation by claiming that the country is bankrupt and the PTI government is lying when it says that everything is normal and the economy is recovering. Let's see if the information minister says this man too should be sued.