Justice Wajhiuddin (Rtd) was one of the founding members of Imran Khan's political party (PTI). When intra party elections were held under his supervision and he pointed out the rigging that had been done, Imran Khan naturally sacked him. But now the judge has returned with a vengeance.

Yesterday, when asked if Imran Khan is an honest man, he laughed. He revealed that Imran Khan's household expenses used to be three million rupees, and today he needs five million for the purpose, so how can he run survive on his declared income of two hundred thousand rupees a month?

The answer, as disclosed by the judge, is that his cronies Jehangir Tareen and Aleem Khan and others used to give him the cash. In fact one unnamed PTI insider even said, "How can Imran Khan be called honest when others pay for his shoe laces?" 

Of course, most Pakistanis know that he is corrupt to the core, but this time the establishment has allowed it to be widely known. The TV channel BOL, owned by the man who amassed millions (if not billions) selling fake degrees also carried the interview of Justice Wajhiuddin. The channel's owner is known to be very close to the establishment, so he must have telecast the interview only after getting the go-ahead from the real rulers of the country. As I wrote a couple of days back, there many signs that the establishment is annoyed with Imran and the telecasting of this latest scandal is one more sign that they are not happy with him and Imran Khan will soon find himself booted out.