Ever since the duffer's party won the 2018 elections, people have known that the elections were heavily rigged. Recent allegations by a high court judge that the former chief justice coerced those under his control to refuse bail to Nawaz and his daughter practically proved it. An audio tape of the former chief justice telling another to do the same thing clinched it. Moreover, Imran Khan's party has lost practically all bye-elections over the past couple of years, particularly in Punjab. 

So it didn't surprise anyone when the PTI was soundly defeated in the recent Local Bodies elections in KP (despite blatant attempts to rig the polls). Now we know why IK and his ministers want to spend billions on acquiring Electronic Voting Machines (which can easily be manipulated), knowing that it would then be easy to rig the next elections (which they're sure to lose if conducted manually).

Most ministers of the ruling party blamed the high prices of edible items for the disaster, but our duffer refuses to accept this. He claims that the wrong candidates were selected to contest the elections. He also does not realize that repeatedly blaming former rulers for  the country's present situation no longer impresses voters. Actually, the people know that it's his government's poor performance that has caused high rate of inflation and shortage of gas in the country. But the duffer refuses to accept this as well. Now that the infighting in his party has increased, he should think about resigning and fleeing to his beloved England.