Imran Khan and his cronies have always acted as if they're above the law, perhaps because they think they will always have the support of the establishment. Right now they act as if the audio tape exposing the former chief justice is fabricated and will have no effect on their government. In fact they respond by talking about the four London flats of Nawaz Sharif, conveniently ignoring the eighteen bungalows owned by their senator Faisal Vawda of Karachi. I wonder why the opposition doesn't mention this in their speeches, together with the unexplained wealth of Imran Khan's sister and his other ministers.

The intriguing question is: who taped the conversation in which the ex-judge is heard saying that he has been told to convict Nawaz Sharif and his daughter so Imran Khan can get elected. I won't be surprised if it turns out that the establishment is behind it and they undoubtedly have many more such tapes and videos.

The government of course has double standards. They've decided to conduct an inquiry into an audio tape in which Maryam Nawaz is heard saying that advertisements should not be given to those TV channels which are opposed to her party. But they don't want an investigation into the ex-Chief Justice's audio tape. If they think they will not be held accountable for rigging the elections, they're mistaken. 

Today the first female prime minister of Sweden resigned only a few hours after being elected as she couldn't get the budget passed. This is what Imran Khan should have done long ago, after his lies were exposed and he ruined the country. But then, like most of our politicians, he doesn't have any principles.