People are puzzled about the Chief Justice's urgency to demolish Nesla Towers immediately. There are some who say the judge wants to do it because he has a grudge against the builder, there are others who think it's because he wants to be known as a fearless man who became the only judge to stand up to the powerful builder's mafia. Maybe he wants to be like the Indian judges who have got many buildings (mostly owned by Muslims) demolished in Chennai and Mumbai.

There is, however, a new conspiracy theory spread by Imran Khan's followers and loyalists. It goes like this: most of the public didn't know that the apex court "regularized" two properties owned by Imran Khan, one being in Bani Gala (his huge mansion built on twenty five thousand square yards of agricultural land), the other being an apartment in a high rise (where he got something worth a hundred million for only ten million). Lawyers for Nesla Towers asked the Chief Justice why there are double standards, one for the prime minister and the other for the common residents of Nesla Towers, and why those properties could be regularized on payment while the poor residents of Nesla Towers are being deprived of their dwellings without adequate compensation. The judge said the two cases are "distinguishable", whatever that means. But the publicity made most of the nation aware of how the so-called Mr. Clean (Imran Khan) got away with gross violations of the law. 

So, Imran Khan's loyalists are convinced that it's a plot by the establishment to make Imran unpopular and lose the next elections (as if corruption and inflation don't even matter).