We've seen some incriminating stuff about the ex-Chief Justice and Maryam Nawaz, the former asking a judge not to give bail to Nawaz and Maryam, the latter telling her staff not to give advertisements to those TV channels that don't support her party. So it was only natural that another video should surface, this one apparently fabricated to malign the PMLN candidate for NA-133.

In this video, a couple of men and women are seen placing their hands on the Holy Book and swearing that they will vote for the PMLN candidate. They are then paid Rs. 2,000 each. So why do I think this video is fabricated?

For one thing, Rs. 2,000 is a hell of a lot of money for one vote. The winning candidate will require at least sixty thousand votes to get elected. This would mean spending Rupees 120 million on buying the votes alone, besides arranging for transport and food on the voting day. Secondly, the people shown in the video would have gladly accepted Rs. 200, so why should the candidate pay ten times more? Also, the people paying the money are masked, so they cannot be identified (if the authorities are able to locate them). 

Whatever the truth, I hope the police are able to catch them, both the people paying as well as those accepting the money.