There have been two events in the country's history that happened in the month of December. The major one of course was the break-up of the country on 16 December 1971 when we surrendered to the enemy. The second was seven years ago (again, on December 16), when terrorists killed 140 students of the Army Public School in Peshawer. The same terrorists are now being wooed by Imran Khan's government to follow the Constitution (which, as one Pakistani dictator said, is a piece of paper that can be torn up at will). Talking about the Constitution, by the way, famous journalist Ayaz Amir said that it has been violated more times than a woman of the streets.

This December has just started and we've already seen a blood bath with the Stock Exchange losing 2135 points yesterday, leading many to seriously contemplate suicide. Our embassy in Serbia has asked the prime minister why its staff has not been paid salaries for a good three months now, while the one in Bangladesh has made a similar complaint. Come to think of it, why do we have an embassy in Serbia at all? Why not have one embassy for a group of small countries to save on expenses? Oh no, that would mean a lot of favored people will lose their jobs and the last thing they want is to come back to Pakistan.

With inflation out of control, I wonder why political parties are so silent. We have seen how demonstrations by the public have led to the downfall of Ayub and Bhutto. The time is ripe for mass demonstrations to bring down this highly unpopular government, but somehow the opposition parties are reluctant to do it. Maybe they know that the country is in such a mess that it would be very difficult to undo the great damage done to Pakistan by Imran Khan.