I've always wondered how a man like Saqib Nisar became the chief justice of the country. The man has done so much harm to the country that even though I'm against capital punishment, I believe he should be tried for treason and sentenced accordingly. He's the man who gave the title "Sadiq and Ameen" to Imran Khan, a known philanderer and embezzler, a man who fathered a child out of wedlock and who can't explain his lavish lifestyle nor how he was able to buy so much expensive property. He stopped the recounting of votes in Imran Khan's Lahore constituency, which would have declared Ayaz Sadiq as the winner. 

Last week a former judge accused Saqib Nisar of coercing another judge not to give bail to Nawaz Sharif and his daughter before the 2018 elections. Then it was Ali Ahmed Kurd who strongly accused the generals of coercing the judiciary. That raised a ruckus, with the present Chief Justice saying most emphatically that never has the judiciary been forced to give decisions under pressure, This, despite Justice Naseem Hassan Shah saying that they were pressurized to declare Bhutto guilty of murder. Then there is Musharraf saying that the then army chief Raheel Sharif put pressure on the judiciary to let him leave the country. 

But now comes the biggest shock: an audio tape (certified to be authentic) has emerged in which Saqib Nisar is heard saying that the army doesn't want Nawaz to be freed. Does CJP Gulzar need any more proof that his institution is not at all independent?

Another question: why has this audio tape emerged now, just a couple of days after Imran Khan's favorite ISI chief was transferred? Has the establishment leaked it? It looks like Imran Khan no longer has the support of those who rigged the 2018 elections that got him elected.