I knew, of course, that one day it would happen. Imran Khan has always been an idiot. So the only surprise is that in these three years he has been continuously "on the same page as the army". But now there are sure signs that he is going the way of Nawaz Sharif: standing up to those who selected him to rule over the country.

After the recent Pandora revelations about generals being involved in siphoning money away together with the earlier scandal of another general owning the pizza franchise "Papa John", Imran Khan concluded that he is on high moral ground and could dictate to the army guys in selection of the next ISI chief.

Of course, there is that awkward fact that Imran's own allies have been found to indulge in massive corruption, for which he has got an ordinance approved that will make them exempt from prosecution. Even those who assisted them in the looting are exempt, which makes this law a unique one, without parallel anywhere in the world.

The army announced the name of the next ISI chief, but there was one snag. Imran Khan wanted the present one to continue doing his nefarious work of disrupting the opposition. Imran Khan has refused to agree to the new ISI chief's appointment, and in a meeting yesterday it was the incumbent (Faiz Hameed) who attended. It was apparent that the real ruler of the country (Army chief Bajwa) was not happy, and neither were most of the others in the meeting. 

It's interesting to see how this will turn out. I believe the generals have probably decided that Imran should no longer be supported in future bye-elections and even the bureaucracy/judiciary will not favor him or his ministers anymore. The next few days are crucial for this hybrid regime.