It seems Imran Khan wants everyone in the country knows that he's corrupt. Why else would he promulgate an ordinance to extend the tenure of the sitting NAB chairman (Jawed Iqbal)? He is so desperate to get major opposition figures convicted and jailed before the next elections that he doesn't want an independent NAB chairman to succeed the present one (who has so far not investigated, leave alone prosecuted, a single minister or ally of Imran Khan).

If there is one thing future historians will write about this highly incompetent government, it's that it has the most stupid ministers. One of them said the prime minister would consult the leader of the opposition, as he did when selecting the chief election commissioner. But another said that talking to Shahbaz  Sharif was out of the question, as he's facing NAB enquiries. But then, Imran Khan himself has a NAB case against him (besides the foreign funding case, which if decided honestly, is sure to disqualify him). It makes my blood boil to see louts like Fawad Choudhry and Faisal Vawda in the cabinet.

Another question: why should only the NAB chief get an extension? Why not others (like the chief justice) also get similar extensions? Moreover, out of the more than 200 million Pakistanis, why can't they find a suitable replacement for the incumbent chairman? Such questions are being asked on social media, but of course Imran Khan thinks he's the state, and whatever he says or does is the law.