I doubt if Imran Khan and his cronies have ever read the original Pakistan Resolution of 1940. The lie propagated by extremists that Pakistan was created in the name of Islam is firmly believed by those who were born after 1947. The fact is, Islam is not even mentioned in the resolution, Pakistan was supposed to be a haven for minorities in undivided India (not only Muslims, but Sikhs, Christians and others also). Yet our text books proclaim that Pakistan was supposed to be a homeland for Muslims only, with the result that there are virtually no Hindus in the country (except for Sindh).

Another thing they prefer to ignore is that Pakistan was supposed to be a confederation of many states. Shaikh Mujeeb, the founder of Bangladesh, was within his rights when he demanded maximum autonomy (which then became his six points). But unfortunately our ruling elite are so scared of the word "autonomy" that anyone who even mentions it is labelled a traitor.

Jinnah was a firm believer in following the constitution, unlike the present rulers who think nothing of violating it every now and then. Even though Jinnah said that the armed forces are supposed to obey the civilian authorities, in Pakistan it is not so. Musharraf, Zia and Ayub (the three leaders who overthrew elected governments and did the most damage to the country) were proud of their misdeeds. Even today, though I don't like Imran Khan and his government, everyone knows that he's been selected to be the prime minister after massive rigging of the 2018 elections. 

I don't think Pakistan can progress if the establishment continues to impose its own people to govern the country. Generals should stick to what they're supposed to do. But I don't see them doing so in the near future and the danger is that the country may break up.

If Jinnah had known that Pakistan would deteriorate to such an extent, where Muslims are killing each other and where there is no limit to corruption, he would never have created Pakistan.