I've always known that Imran Khan is a duffer, and his latest gaffe proves it. In an interview to Turkish media, the duffer proudly said that his government is negotiating with the terrorist organization, the TTP, to stop carrying out attacks inside Pakistan. Of course there is an uproar. After years of hearing that the TTP is Indian-funded, we are now surrendering to terrorists who have killed thousands of innocent men, women and even children in the country. In fact, even after the president and the foreign minister offered them an amnesty (which was refused), they continued with their atrocities, killing an army captain yesterday.

It's highly amusing to hear IK saying that the TTP should abide by the Constitution, considering that he's one of many who have violated it. In fact, he would never have been the prime minister of this country if the establishment had respected the Constitution. 

One feels sorry for the parents of the 140 school children who were killed in cold blood by these terrorists. Is this why we pay taxes to the government? What's the use of having an army if it can't fight enemies of the country? What next should we expect from the duffer? That the Indian army should march into the country and fight the terrorists because our army is useless? You can expect anything from this stupid prime minister and his government.