It was always known that Imran Khan's ministers were corrupt, and of course he must have been aware of it. But he forced NAB (after leaking a compromising tape of its chief Jawed Iqbal) to go after opposition figures only, and to spare his supporters.

It's incredible that he never asked Faisal Vawda for his sources of income. This man has eighteen properties in the UK, yet has been ignored by NAB. He's so powerful that even the Election Commissioner is scared of him. Now that Pandora has revealed that Faisal Vawda also owned offshore companies, will NAB go after him? I doubt it. I also doubt if the ECP will charge him with perjury, knowing that he didn't declare his US nationality when he contested the national assembly election from Karachi (which he won by a mere 700 votes).

Then there's Imran Khan himself. An offshore company was found which was registered at his address (No. 2, Zaman Town). Overnight they "found" another house with the same address, owned by someone else (one Fariduddin, who appears to be a distant relative of IK). I think this must be a one of its kind of thing, I've never seen two houses with the same address in my entire life. 

With some of his staunchest supporters having been exposed, the net appears to be tightening around IK's neck. How will he claim to be honest when his finance minister and others are suspected to be highly corrupt?