It doesn't take much to drive businessmen into panic. Yesterday the stock market fell almost a thousand points, today it'll probably fall another 300 or so. The reason is the threat of sanctions by the U.S. in case Pakistan insists on helping the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. It's indeed ironic, considering that Pakistan itself is near bankruptcy but is asking the West to recognize the illegitimate government and help it survive. 

The bearded ones have insisted on imposing its stringent version of Sharia on the hapless people of Afghanistan. They've resumed executions and have said they will cut the hands of thieves, something that's sure to antagonize the people of Europe and the U.S. So the only superpower willing to help them may be China, which is itself atheistic and anti-Muslim. I don't see how China can trust the Taliban, especially after being stabbed in the back by our own Taliban Khan. 

We are in for more inflation. The selected government is going all out to increase fuel and energy prices, so only the honest people will suffer. Supporters of Imran Khan, who are either very rich, or who are gas and electricity thieves, will not bat an eyelid. For them, everything is hunky dory, as long as they can go on stealing and looting. Sometimes I wonder what Mr. Jinnah would say if he came back and saw that his Pakistan has been hijacked by smugglers, looters and of course the real rulers of the country (who are given free electricity and gas even after they retire).

In the meantime, the middle class investors in the stock market will become poorer and poorer, while those who buy their shares at very low prices will reap a huge bonanza. But that's the way capitalism works, right?