I have been going through a bout of depression lately. Of course, this is not the first time it's happened, but this time it's very severe. That's the reason why I have not written anything this week. My depression is due to the fact that Pakistan is headed for uncertain times, and may even disintegrate. The signs are there, we saw it happening before when East Pakistan became Bangladesh.

This morning a relative told me not to read any history, as you can never be sure that what you're reading actually happened, history being usually written by the victors. I'm reading books on the Mughal empire and how it collapsed, and I must say it's given me a good insight into why Muslims are in such a mess today. The rise of the Taliban and the chaos in Afghanistan are due to Muslims not being educated and tolerant. I can predict what's going to happen: the Afghans will never do what the West wants them to do, as a result of which sanctions will be imposed on that country, and on Pakistan as well. The dollar might go through the roof.

Covid of course is another reason for my depression. Although I've managed to escape it so far, I doubt if I'll ever be able to go abroad again. Even though I haven't traveled much in the past, I was looking forward to my UK trip last year. We don't know when traveling will resume, and when it does I may not even be alive. I doubt if it's safe anymore to go to the Northern areas. The last time I was there (1996) a mullah asked his followers to kidnap all unveiled women they see and he would get the women married to them. I wonder how he would annul the marriages of unveiled women who were with their husbands. I suppose he would have killed the husbands and kept the widows with him for four and a half months before auctioning them off. 

Waziristan is again in danger of falling into the hands of the Taliban. Our army will be engaged primarily in saving the country, resulting in the defence budget being increased many times and prices of essential commodities going sky high. The poor will survive only on charity, while the middle class will see a lot of deprivation and suicides. So you can't blame me for being so depressed.