It's enough to keep you awake at nights, wondering how those who rule the country can be so stupid. The election results in Azad Kashmir were so blatantly rigged that those who did it apparently think most Pakistanis are morons (which, by the way, is true). But the manipulators are not morons, they should have done the rigging in such a way that it wasn't obvious.

Just consider that the three main parties got the same percentage of votes as they did in 2018 in the general elections. The PML-N got 25 percent of the popular vote but got only six seats, while the PPP got 9 seats with only 18 percent of the popular vote. The PTI, which openly distributed cash among the voters before the elections and got away with it, got 25 seats. And as if that wasn't sufficient, the relatively experienced and popular party Jamat-e-Islami got only a quarter of the votes that the establishment-supported TLP got. 

It looks like Pakistan is headed towards being a one-party state, like China (the model favored by the moron Imran Khan). But I don't think that it will work in this country, as the people of Pakistan are not likely to submit to the kind of dictatorship prevalent in China for the past 70 years. We've had dictators for half that period and all of them were ousted after massive protests. One result of rigging is that we can't say anything to India for doing the same thing in the part of Kashmir under their occupation. But this of course those who want Imran Khan to rule over us don't realize. Or don't care.