Besides being known for being the head of the most corrupt and inefficient government, Imran Khan and his party will never be forgotten for being the most vindictive. Their use of state organs like the FIA and NAB is well-known, as only opposition parties are targeted for corruption, while Imran Khan's corruption and that of his cronies goes unchallenged. Ultimately this is very harmful to the country, and it will take years before the country recovers from the damage.

But at least they should not be so childish when it comes to handling Covid. When the pandemic was rampant in Punjab and KP, Imran Khan had no hesitation in clamping a complete lockdown in the two provinces, and also claiming credit for it. But now that the Sindh government wants a lockdown in Karachi, the moron is actually opposing it. He should realize that if Karachi is irretrievably damaged, the country as a whole will suffer. But of course the country doesn't matter to him at all. He only wants to score points, and if conditions in Sindh deteriorate, he will put the province under President's rule, and of course that will enable him and his cronies to become richer.

I'm sure Imran Khan will go down as another Bhutto and will probably meet a similar end, unless he puts the country's interests above his own. But knowing him, that appears extremely unlikely. May Allah save Pakistan!