The only thing I can say with surety is that the 27-year old woman could have been saved before she was beheaded by the pervert whom she had known since childhood. The killer is a Memon who was on drugs and that may have turned him into a savage maniac.

I first saw one of the Jaffer brothers way back in 1977 when I had taken my Fiat-124 to their garage for repairs. I couldn't believe the Jaffer I saw was a Memon. He was heavily bearded, at a time when there were very few bearded Memons. They had been constructing a fertilizer factory near my salt works when Bhutto nationalized all fertilizer factories in the country, so they stopped the construction, leaving many pillars standing. The last time I went to the beach, the pillars were still there.

What puzzles me is the fact that even though the killer's parents knew their son was abnormal, they allowed him to roam free. He had been deported from the UK for attacking a girl, so they knew he could repeat that kind of thing again. I hope the judge finds them also guilty of abetting the crime. But this being Pakistan, they're sure to use their wealth and influence to escape being convicted. 

I wonder if the beheading has any connection to the feast of sacrifice, when Muslims slaughter millions of animals. Maybe the mad man thought he was being a good Muslims when he slit the poor girl's throat.