Way back in 1965, LIFE magazine devoted an entire issue to homosexuals (both male and female). I and a couple of friends wanted to find out whether the average Pakistani man knew that women could also be homosexuals (lesbians). So we showed pictures in the magazine of lesbians and they were amazed. None of them knew that a woman could be sexually attracted to other women. Male homosexuals, of course, were there in plenty. Actually, you could call them bisexuals, men who had sex with young boys because no girls were around. But, generally, male homosexuals were detested in our society, as they are today as well. If someone ever tells me he is gay, I would make sure to stay away from him as much as possible. In fact, when I saw a Parsi I knew trying to grab a boy at night (he didn't know I was sitting in a car nearby), I stopped talking to him.

But apparently in the West, feelings have changed. I'm watching a Netflix series about New York policemen, and in it there is a character who is the police captain and who claims to be the first openly gay cop in the force. They show him being very close to both male and female detectives, the latter even kissing and hugging him. Clearly, homos have come a long way since they were hated way back when it was found that they were more likely to get AIDS. Perhaps that's why I'm scared of them.