Last year, when the virus wasn't as vicious as it is today, the government advised people not to go to mosques. Later, they said it was okay to pray six feet apart. But Imran Khan himself said that there is no evidence that praying in mosques can spread the virus. This year, they haven't said anything about not praying in mosques, so all devout Muslims gather in mosques and pray for two or three hours without knowing that they can be stricken. And it's happening. Hospitals in Pakistan are running out of oxygen and all beds are occupied, with a long line of patients outside hospitals, waiting for someone to die so they can get treatment. And as if this wasn't bad enough, there is a bye-election next week, with hundreds of people likely to get infected. 

They have not been able to get the Cambridge exams postponed. Last year, there were no O-level and A-level exams, students were graded according to their performance in schools. This year, some people went to the courts, which declared that they had no jurisdiction in the matter. So now we can expect children to get infected as well. 

It almost makes you believe that this virus is man-made. When  the Aids virus first appeared, it was widely believed to have been created by a homophobic scientist in a laboratory to kill homosexuals. Well, that theory has been disproved, but this corona virus could well have been created in a laboratory.

Even though I have been vaccinated (both doses), the government says I have to take the second dose, because the highly efficient Sindh government staff has not uploaded the data. So now I have to go in this unbearably hot weather to Khaliqdina Hall and get the details uploaded. I should tell everyone I know to refrain from getting vaccinated in Khaliqdina Hall.