Last year, I had to stay at home for at least three months due to the lockdown imposed by our inefficient government. At that time, they didn't know that the virus would mutate and become more dangerous. Fortunately not many were affected, so the PTI youthias claimed it was due to their government's efficiency. Actually the woman who runs the country (Imran Khan's wife) should have claimed the credit. But this time her mantras didn't work, and the number of people dying everyday is more than a hundred (sometimes 150). So now they're thinking of imposing lockdown in major cities. It's going to be very difficult, as we're in the month of fasting. No one in his right mind will ask the people to stay away from praying in mosques or going to shrines. 

The problem is that no one believes this U-turn government, so many times has its leader been caught lying. Ramazan is the month in which they earn more than ten times they do in other months, so asking shopkeepers to stay at home is bound to make Imran Khan even more unpopular (if such a thing is possible). Already many Pakistanis believe that he's responsible for the virus, and that Covid will miraculously disappear when he's removed from power. 

Last year, there was much less pollution due to the absence of vehicles on roads. I used to take long walks with my wife, and we would see many dogs, lizards and other creatures that are normally invisible. Sometimes we would go to the creek near my house and walk near the sea water, breathing the pure sea air. That's one thing Karachi's got that other cities don't. Although I know another lockdown is bad for the country, I do think it's necessary for people like me.