I'm not at all surprised that the campaign by Jehangir Tareen to blackmail Imran Khan succeeded. Here is more proof, it it was ever needed, that Imran Khan is corrupt to the core. The official investigating Tareen's corruption was removed immediately, the court was persuaded to extend his bail, and everything is hunky dory. But at least we discovered the depth of hatred that Shah Mahmood Qureishi feels for Jehangir Tareen. It's either this division among its members or Imran Khan's mistakes that will prove to be PTI's undoing. And as we know, Imran Khan has been making mistakes, one of these days he'll go too far and get into serious trouble. Just as Bhutto did, and had to pay the ultimate price.

We know, of course, that Imran is a loose talker. But we didn't know that he would go so far as to tell a senior police officer to arrest a sitting judge of the Supreme Court. Bashir Memon, the retired Inspector General, revealed yesterday that Imran Khan told him to arrest the senior judge Qazi Faiz Isa (who recently was exonerated after Imran Khan's campaign to have him removed was declared illegal). Imran Khan went so far as to refer to the Saudi prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who is the illegitimate ruler of that kingdom and who extracted billions from his relatives by locking them up for months. Bhutto, of course, did the same thing with Karachi's businessmen and industrialists. But Bhutto was a psychopath who was also very foolish. It looks like Imran Khan is not so different. One day he'll go too far, and then he'll find himself on the streets, or in jail. He may even end up like Bhutto, on the gallows if he tells the cops to kill someone.