One of the ways used to destabilize Nawaz Sharif's government was to make the newly-created party (Teheek-e-Labbaik Pakistan) to demonstrate against his rule. At that time the TLP wanted the law minister to be sacked for doing something which I don't remember exactly. It had something to do with Ahmedis. When the sit-in ended, an army officer was seen giving a thousand rupees to each demonstrator. The video of this event immediately went viral and is also on Twitter today, as the TLP paralyzed two cities (Karachi and Lahore) yesterday. What I don't understand is why the media is not using its name, it is simply being described as a religious movement. 

A few months back, the TLP had been out on the streets, demanding the withdrawal of the French ambassador, and cutting off all relations with France (which, by the way, is a major arms supplier to the country). At that time, Imran Khan's cronies had agreed to do so in six months or so. But when the TLP saw that it hadn't been done, they came out on the streets, affecting traffic movement in the two major cities and causing the deaths of many Covid patients in hospitals, which had run out of oxygen cylinders.

Imran Khan must be wondering why everything he did and said before being selected has come back to haunt him. he recently said rapes are caused by scantily clad women in movies. The next day, pictures of him with such women went viral on the social media. When in opposition he said he would never go to the IMF, but was compelled to do so immediately after becoming prime minister. Let's hope and pray that he's sent home soon by those who selected a moron like him to lead the country.