The way Imran Khan's cronies behaved before the election, they thought no one would take action against them for any crimes they would commit. Even Imran Khan contemptuously treated the police. It seems someone told him to look at the criminals in his party. And that is why Jehangir Tareen and Khusro Bakhtiar didn't see it coming. They are part of the sugar mafia that reaped billions this year (and without Imran Khan knowing about it). So it appears that the two criminals will have to face the music.

Of the two, Jehangir is the man who has propped up Imran Khan's government. He hosted a dinner last night in which thirty parliamentarians of the ruling PTI party were present. Imran Khan must've been shocked. Perhaps that's why the court postponed the case for another fifteen days. Knowing how things work in this country, the case may fizzle out, as the real rulers of this country want Imran to continue. 

Naturally, people must be wondering why Imran suddenly turned against Tareen. One reason may be the fact that Tareen wasn't able to get Imran's candidate Hafeez Shaikh elected in the Senate. Another reason may be that Jehangir Tareen hasn't contributed much to the ruling party, at least not as much as he should have, considering that he has raked in a few billions in the sugar scam. 

I sincerely hope Tareen sticks to his guns and reveals the corruption in the ruling party. That would be the final nail in the coffin for the puppet Imran Khan.