When Mukhtaran Mai was gang-raped by nine men, the misogynist Parvez Musharraf (who, like me, is a patrician), blamed her for the incident. He also said that Pakistani women love to get raped so they can easily get a Canadian visa and live abroad for the rest of their lives. Ironically, it's Musharraf who today lives in exile, while Mukhtaran is involved in giving education to girls in her village, some of her beneficiaries being daughters of her rapists. 

Imran Khan is just like Musharraf and the 99 out of 100 Pakistanis who believe that if a woman shows too much skin, she deserves to be raped. But then, he's not known as Taleban Khan for nothing. Until a few years back, he used to frolic on the beaches with scantily clad Western women. Now that he's nearing 70 and is married to a fundamentalist, he wants all women to don the all-enveloping burqa or stay at home all the time. He also believes divorces have increased due to men watching too many movies, particularly Hollywood and Indian films. One should ask him if his two divorces were also due to him seeing movies featuring women wearing bikinis?

Thanks to social media, Imran's remarks received widespread condemnation. But his supporters of course say that his words were taken out of context. Even if Imran burns down all the girls' schools in his home town, his supporters will applaud him and will say he did the right thing. I hope the PTI candidate is defeated by a huge margin in the Daska bye-election the day after tomorrow. At least that will make the rape-apologist Imran Khan realize that he's very unpopular with the people.