Every year the government blocks social media and the internet whenever there are riots or disturbances. This time they did it to block the news of its failure to control the situation. Even Whattsapp and Twitter have not been working today. In parts of Lahore and Peshawer, internet has been switched off. 

But what the government doesn't realize is that the blocking or banning works against it. Most people living in Arab states never believe what their government tells them. The same is true of China and Russia, both countries where the officially reported deaths from Covid are suspected to be false. With Imran Khan's frequent U-turns, it is doubtful if people will really believe that the ban on TLP will work. Probably the party will regroup in another name (with the support of the state). It is immensely popular in Punjab and Sindh, where it won three seats in the 2018 elections.

Whatever it does, the prospects of Imran Khan's survival is doubtful. It has not succeeded in curbing inflation, and most Pakistanis being very superstitious, believe that Covid cases and deaths are increasing because of him. His party has lost all the recent bye-elections, despite its efforts to influence voters by the announcement of so-called "packages". Today he has come to Karachi to tell the people that his government will spend a lot of money in Sindh, like making a motorway. Everyone knows he will forget about it tomorrow, the people are so skeptical. When he departs, people will be relieved.