Even without the Transparency International's report about increase of corruption in Pakistan, it was evident that Imran Khan's government is more corrupt than all the previous ones. The way he has used NAB to hound the opposition should have been enough to convince even his ardent supporters that he is not "sadiq and ameen". Then there was the regularization of his palace and land on which he lives, while houses of his opponents and others were being demolished. Not to talk about his apartment in Hyatt Regency, which was also being built illegally.

So, when the TI report came out, Imran Khan's advisor Shehbaz Gill claimed that it contained data pertaining to the previous government and that people would understand it when it is translated into Urdu. And Imran Khan, like a parrot, said the same thing, in fact welcoming the report because it would exonerate his government. The next day, the idiot Imran said he hadn't read the report himself. I wonder what he smokes or drinks daily. Even when TI itself said that the advisor tried to fool the nation, he (Imran Khan) didn't sack him immediately. The man is absolutely shameless, just like all the suckers in his cabinet.

And yesterday, the Public Accounts committee stopped the investigations about land grabbing by one of his party members (Aleem Khan). Earlier, his own sister was found to have undeclared assets in foreign countries, naturally no action was taken against her. 

So why should we be surprised if we are called corrupt? In fact, the proper name of our country should be Corruptistan (not Pakistan).