Sometimes you can't help wondering whether or not Imran Khan suffers from some rare disease that makes him do what he strenuously opposed before taking over to misrule the country. The latest is his announcement that every ruling alliance MNA and MPA in the country will be paid Rs. 500 million each for "development works" in their constituencies. He had viciously attacked the previous government for giving funds to lawmakers, but now that it's in his own interest, he has no qualms doing it. And considering that he's been facing criticism from his own ministers, it's easy to see why he's capitulated, as he will need their support in the forthcoming Senate elections. 

Another reason why I believe he's a ch...ya is the fact that he thinks all Pakistanis are idiots. He had no problem with secret balloting in the Senate elections as it negatively affected Nawaz's ruling party at the time. Now that he suspects that his own party men may vote against his candidates, he wants open voting. This means, of course, that his party men wouldn't have been able to get the millions that they could have earned had the voting been secret. But now that each of them will get five hundred million they will definitely vote for his party.

But what confirms his idiocy is that he's selected a tainted judge (Azmat Saeed) to head the inquiry into the Broadsheet (or Fraudsheet) scandal. This judge is openly biased against Nawaz Sharif, but more damning is the fact that he was also working in NAB when it signed the agreement with Broadsheet. He is also said to have asked the State Bank and SECP to submit names of his favorites for the Judicial Inquiry Commission which convicted the former prime minister.

In any other civilized country, there would have been widespread protests by lawyers against this judge being appointed to head the inquiry, as there is a clear conflict of interest. But not in Pakistan.