It's an open secret that Imran Khan's party was "selected" by the establishment after massive rigging in the 2018 elections. So it was only a matter of time before its ministers started fighting each other for spoils. Knowing that they were doomed to fail, most of them had only one thing to do: indulge in mud-slinging and a verbal war with the opposition. But now they have started saying things against each other.

The other day, Defence minister Parvez Khattak (who has been missing in the verbal war against the previous government for a long time), said something that raised a lot of eyebrows. He said if it wasn't for him, Imran Khan's government wouldn't last another day. Everyone was shocked. This guy had been sidelined by Imran Khan for some time, so he must have felt bad due to demands by party members to call back the discredited Jehangir Tareen to save the party from disintegrating. It's doubtful if Imran Khan will restore Khattak to his former position now. Of course, the ruling party immediately came out with an explanation for Khattak's rebellion. Punjab Governor said Khattak didn't mean what he said, as if implying that he may have taken too much to drink. 

I'd love to see how Imran Khan reacted when told about Khattak's outburst. Recently he caved in to his party members' demands to provide them funds for so-called development of their constituencies, as he knew that they would vote against his party in the senate elections if money was not given to them. Perhaps he'll cough up more to bring Khattak back into the fold. Let's wait and see what happens.