The boundless stupidity of our lawmakers is amazing. As if our children don't have enough to do, our senators have recommended that they should learn Arabic as well. Senator Ali Mohammed Khan said it's necessary to learn Arabic to become a good Muslim, implying that those who can't speak Arabic (like himself) are not good Muslims. Another senator said that Arabic is the only language spoken in heaven, as if he's gone there and come back. Only one senator (Raza Rabbani) had the guts to oppose the measure. May his tribe increase.

Zia forced the only TV channel in the country to telecast news in Arabic everyday. Obviously he wanted to convince stupid Arab rulers that we are Muslims like them. The telecasts were discontinued after he died and went to his creator. 

Of course it's not going to stop there. A few days back, there were rumors that Imran Khan was seriously thinking of forcing female TV anchors to cover their heads. He was dissuaded from doing so by his advisors who told him it would make him very unpopular. I won't be surprised if he makes all female government employees to wear the all-encompassing burqa. There is no limit to the stupidity of this idiot and his cronies.