The word "youthia" is used to describe those who blindly follow Imran Khan. It's not surprising that they don't like this word, because it rhymes with an Urdu/Hindi word beginning with "ch" that is used to describe very stupid boys and men. It's probably the most frequently used word in Karachi, where plenty of "ch....ias" work in offices and factories. 

Recent events have proved (although I've been saying it for a long time) that Imran Khan is perhaps the biggest youthia in the country. In opposition he made many wild claims, including the one that inflation is due to the corruption of the rulers (Nawaz Sharif and Zardari). "Every time the price of petrol is raised, you can be sure the extra amount is going into the pockets of the leaders", he said. 

In fact, he even castigated Zardari for not visiting the Hazaras when they were subjected to the many massacres they have endured. And at that time he told the Hazaras, "When I come into power, I'll go after your killers and have them arrested in a couple of days".

So today, in response to the Hazara's stand that they will not bury the bodies of the victims unless Imran Khan visits them, how else could this "great youthia" respond? "They're blackmailing me", he whines. "I'll go to them as soon as they bury the victims". I suspect that he was advised to say this by none other than Her Holiness (his spiritualist wife). 

As expected, Shias throughout the country are holding demos against Imran Khan in all major cities. In Karachi, six motorcycles were set on fire today, and more riots are expected. This will surely hasten the downfall of the puppet prime minister.

I am glad Imran Khan is in trouble today. I can only say, "He asked for it!"