The country went through a complete, paralyzing power blackout at midnight yesterday for up to fifteen hours and as expected, the inept and corrupt PTI government blamed Nawaz Sharif for it. 

Of course, there have been massive power breakdowns before, but none so big as this one. Nawaz Sharif did a good job increasing the generation capacity, as Imran Khan's cronies acknowledge. But to say that he did not improve the transmission capacity is wrong. How do they explain that for the past two and a half years, there had been no blackouts? It seems that Imran Khan has told his ministers to blame the previous government for his failures. I won't be surprised if they say that Nawaz Sharif is also responsible for Imran Khan not having any kids from his second and third wives!

I sometimes wonder if this corona virus hasn't struck Imran Khan without him being aware of it. How else do you explain the stupid things he's said recently, like alleging that the Hazaras wanted to blackmail him? Of course, he did backtrack when they asked him to explain, but that was only expected. He said he meant that the blackmailers were the opposition leaders who visited the Hazaras to condole with them. Only die hard youthias were convinced, the rest of the country knows that this is is real face. He doesn't feel any sympathy for the murder victims, because he doesn't want to lose his vote bank (most of whom are anti-Shia). Remember, he was once called Taleban Khan due to his sympathy for the terrorists.

So, as Imran Khan and his minions continue to blunder, his end gets nearer and one day he will get up in the morning and find that he's no longer the prime minister. In fact, when they woke him up when his plane landed in Quetta yesterday, he asked, "Where have you brought me? Where are you taking me?" He must have been having a nightmare about being arrested and being taken to Adiala jail.